Nonprofit Fundraisers

Events for Nonprofits

 At Wild Goose Chase, we serve the nonprofit businesses by helping coordinate events that help optimize fundraising and coordinate events to serve the community.   

Wild Goose Chase offers nonprofits with support to achieve their objectives and maximize their impact, and making sure the Nonprofit  can unlock their full potential.  

Let our experts handle your Nonprofit’s fundraising registrations!

See why many Murfreesboro nonprofits love partnering with Wild Goose Chase:


We are experienced, dependable, and trustworthy. Our properly organized approach saves you crucial time so that you can focus on your vision/mission.

Customer Service

Every Murfreesboro nonprofit, small or large, requires ongoing support and personalized attention. We take pride in offering person-to-person superior customer service.


We understand that it takes trust for your company to allow us to handle your nonprofit fundraising requirements, that’s why we regularly communicate with our customers so they understand their project is being done right.

If you have any question,
feel free to call 615-904-4359

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