‘Clue the Party’ is a night of mystery, murder and madness

Was it Miss Scarlett in the hall with the revolver? Or Mrs. Peacock in the lounge with the candlestick? Or could it be Col. Mustard in the conservatory with the knife?

Everyone has a motive at the greatest whodunit costume party that Murfreesboro has ever seen at “Clue the Party.”

You are invited to a night of mystery, murder and madness on Oct. 13, when you will have a chance to play one of the iconic characters from the classic board game, “Clue.”

“Clue the Party” will offer a zany night of mystery and suspense in the perfect setting, the Oaklands Mansion and all for a good cause, the Murfreesboro Cold Patrol and Oaklands Mansion.

Murfreesboro Cold Patrol is a group of volunteers who work to combat chronic homelessness. They seek out the chronically homeless and try to meet their immediate physical needs. Working with existing community resources, the patrol helps people become reestablished in society and where resources fall short, the group does its best to fill in the gaps.

Oaklands Mansion will use the funds to continue with its regular upkeep of the historic house.

A huge thank you to our 8 Characters!

These 8 people have chosen to play our characters and raise money to support our charities.  THANK YOU ALL!!

All official CLUE characters and their sponsors will receive the following:

•   Ability to live-play that character in the game itself. You will be provided a script, of sorts, for your character and participants will interview you at the event.  You will not have lines to memorize, but you will have to understand your character, i.e. background, friends, enemies, etc.
•   Participation in a professional photo shoot, including the services of makeup and hair artists, in mid-August, which will create the single portraits featured on the CLUE cards the day of the party, as well as group portraits for promotions and signage. Note that the costume you choose is up to you and is your responsibility, although we have some clothing sponsors who are ready to help. This art can be resized as a poster for your home.
•   An invitation to dinner before the event at the Oaklands Mansion, hosted by Mr. Body himself! The gong will sound at 5 p.m. sharp! The murderer, weapon and room will be announced at dinner. You must then decide your story, or alibi IF you are innocent!
•   An invitation to a special thank you reception for all sponsors in early November.

If you want to help raise money for our characters,
click on the buttons below to safely donate via PayPal.

Mrs. Peacock

Sherrie works in manufacturing, loves hiking and her 2 dobies. She does living histories at the Sam Davis home in Smyrna and will add Oaklands soon.  She is also amazing at cosplay, from Professor McGonagall to Lucile Ball.  We cannot wait to see her as Mrs. Peacock!

Mrs. White

Gretchen and her husband, Chris live with their three boys, Serik, Austin and Asa in Murfreesboro. She is the owner of Cultivate Coworking and President of Locally Owned Murfreesboro. Gretchen and her family love playing the CLUE board game!

Miss Scarlett

Angela is a residential closing manager at Lawyers, Land & Title Services.  She is very active in the community through RUTHERFORD Cable, MYP and Kiwanis. She is the proud mom of a son, who plays soccer, and a daughter who plays volleyball.

Yvette the Maid

Mr. Green

Matthew  is the Mortgage Artist at First Bank.  He is married to Julie Stump & father to Bailee, Preston, and Miles. Matthew studied Studio Art with an emphasis in Sculpture at Middle Tennessee State University.  

Wadsworth the Butler

Kevin Fehr is the President of Amada Senior Care located in Murfreesboro.  Kevin is a Diplomat in the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce and will participate in Leadership Rutherford Class of 2019.

Colonel Mustard

Professor Plumb

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