2020 Inaugural Fundraiser

A night of murder and mayhem for a good cause. Meet our beneficiaries

True You TN is a new nonprofit dedicated to creating a safe environment for LGBTQ+ youth to live authentically. It will be the first and only group foster home specifically for LGBTQ+ youth in the southeast. In the short term, we are fundraising to purchase or build a home in Murfreesboro TN, and to provide outreach for those youths that can’t or won’t come into the system. Currently, in TN we are short roughly 4,000 beds in the foster system and up to 78% of LGBTQ+ youth in foster care report being further abused while in the system. Long term, we also plan to include transitional housing for those youths aging out of the foster system and will have a gathering space so that all youth we have served will have a place to come back home to, for celebrations, holidays, or just when they need a little extra love. Yearly, about 23,000 youths age out of foster care each year and about 20% of them will become instantly homeless.

We want the youth we serve to know that they are part of a family, a community that they can always lean on.

Meae Wellness is committed to improving the wellness of each and every citizen of the Clarksville-Montgomery County area. We aim to accomplish this through education, services, capacity building, and strategic partnership.

Our flagship program, ImpactHIV raises awareness about HIV and its impact on the lives of all Americans, and fights stigma by showing that persons with HIV are real people—mothers, fathers, friends, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, partners, wives, husbands, and co-workers. We work tirelessly to increase awareness of prevention techniques and provide support services to those living with HIV in the Clarksville Montgomery County Area.

The Focus Center Foundation (FCF) promotes the LGBT+ and ally communities through its signature events held in two regions, the Memphis and Nashville metro areas. 


FCF also serves a variety of non-profits each year through monetary donations and coverage in Focus magazines.

Since 2015, the Focus brand has generously provided extensive editorial coverage, advertising, and donations for our core non-profits totaling more than $125,000.



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