2021 Clue Story and Character Bios

What you need to know
Here is the story setup for our event and bios for our fictional characters.

Miss Scarlet

Judge Gray’s Younger Sister

  • Resents his success, feels like he could have helped her more if he cared.
  • Growing up in her older brother’s shadow, she covets his riches, home and status in the community.
  • She thought she would inherit the house and be able to move out of Westbrook Towers.
  • Serves on the board of the local Food Bank, trying to help others, UNLIKE her brother who she thinks only serves himself.

Colonel Mustard

Friend of the Family

  • Gray and Mustard met on the social scene, at a Food Bank fundraiser.
  • Mustard was a BIG contributor to Judge Gray’s campaign. Mustard increased his donations to the campaign to keep leverage over the Judge and spend more time with Mrs. Peacock.
  • Local business owner with several small businesses around town.
  • Mustard has never served in the military, outside of JROTC at Central High in Murfreesboro. He was awarded the Colonel Aide de Camp by State Sen. Shane McHarland for his service with the Rotary Club and fight against socialism.

Mr. Green

Judge Gray’s Nephew

  • Green was the son Judge Gray never had (or will ever have).
  • He followed in his uncle’s footsteps, attending UMT, then the Nashville School of Law. Less to become an attorney, but to bolster his resume to run for office.
  • He expected to inherit all of Gray’s wealth and prestige.
  • What Gray didn’t know was Mr. Green was a secret member of the Socialist Party of America, which Gray disdained

Mrs. Peacock

Judge Gray’s 2nd Wife

  • Was introduced to Judge Gray by Professor Plum.
  • It was a fast courtship and marriage, as they were deeply smitten with each other. But as the years dragged on, they saw each other less and less. Gray was buried in his judicial work and Peacock with her philanthropic work.
  • She met Col. Mustard at a charity event and the burning flames of her passions were rekindled for another man.

Mrs. White

Judge Gray’s Niece

  • Obviously contemptuous of her uncle. She feels like he has ignored her troubles in life, but always doted on and helped Green.
  • She works as a secretary at Dewey, Cheatham & Howe law firm, Judge Gray’s personal lawyers
  • She doesn’t like anyone, not her family and definitely not her uncle’s friends.
  • An active feminist, she hated Gray for his lack of political accountability. Women couldn’t own property or have a meaningful job. Her entire family kept the status quo and she was tired of it.

Professor Plum

The Best Friend

  • Friends with Judge Gray since their youth and went to U of MT together.
  • They were inseparable and Plum would do ANYTHING for Gray, including being his campaign manager when Gray ran for office.
  • Often seen at local college football games on the sidelines together.
  • Was there for Gray when his first wife left him and introduced him to his current wife, Mrs. Peacock

The Butler

Employed by Judge Gray

  • Previously worked for the Peacock family in his younger days as their chauffeur. He and a young Mrs. Peacock fell into a forbidden relationship until he was fired.
  • Has been working for Judge Gray for 10 years and DID NOT approve of Gray’s marriage to Peacock.
  • He is always in the room when Gray has business meetings and Gray trusts him immensely
  • He thinks Gray is naïve about the intentions of the people he surrounds himself with

The Maid

Employed by Judge Gray

  • Yvette and Judge Gray met in their youth. Both were immediately smitten but separated by class.
  • As a maid trained in the grand tradition of Britain, she knew nothing could ever happen between them, she dedicated her life to looking after the man who stole her heart.
  • She appears meek, which helps her go unnoticed around the Gray mansion when business meetings and dealings are happening.
  • She volunteers at the local food bank every week.